eTraining: Guided Learning

eTraining: Guided Learning

Estimated Time to Complete: 4-6 hours

This curriculum provides an in-depth introduction to NaviPlan including how to navigate the interface, enter data, and utilize the robust planning capabilities. Learners will be guided through the most important basics of creating both a Forecaster and Level 2 plan. Learners may want to continue their learning with eTraining: Self-directed Learning upon completion.

This curriculum includes:

  •        5 distinct courses
  •       Step by step instruction via NaviPlan simulations, videos, and demonstrations
  •        Guided, interactive activities to apply knowledge in a sandbox environment
  •        Detailed foundation knowledge for leveraging financial planning software 

This curriculum is ideal for learners who are:

  •        New to financial planning software
  •        New to financial planning
  •        Seeking guided, step by step instruction

Curriculum content

    • Lesson Guided Learning 1: Creating a Simplified Goal Assessment in NaviPlan